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I came across an article in a recent issue of the Website Magazine that I thought many of you would be interested in. It talks about alternatives to Google Adsense. For those unfamiliar with it, Google Adsense is an advertisement application run by Google. As a website owner, you can signup for this program to allow Google to administrater ads on your website according to your site's content and audience. When your site visitors click on these ads, you receive a percentage of the revenue.

While it is free to signup, easy to use and provides a supplemental income, there are also negatives associated with using Adsense, including lack of control over the ads and small earnings, and not to mention the somewhat ambigious rules and not-that-transparent proprietary click-fraud monitoring system.

Need alternatives?

1. PayPal

PayPal is not just for buying and selling online. You can also create PayPal buttons for your website to accept subscription/membership fees and donations via credit card, debit cards and/or PayPal. Note, you will need a PayPal Premier or Business account.

2. Affiliate Programs

Place links and banners on your website and get a percentage of their spending. You can sign up with services like Commission Junction, LinkConnector and/or ShareASale to access thousands of available affiliate programs.

With affiliate marketing, you decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them. For example, if your website is a blog and gallery of your travel stories, you can display banners or links from major online merchants such as Expedia, Travelocity, Budget Rent A Car or others in your blog sidebar or you can use text links within your site body content.

Another way is to visit your favorite merchants and see if they offer any affiliate programs. For example, you can place a Doteasy Affiliate Program banner on your website and earn up to US$70 per referral.

3. Ad Spots

For websites, blogs or forums that are established and big enough, you can consider selling ad spots on your website. Here is an article you can read for more information on selling ad spots on your website and blog.

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author: Kathy

Many Doteasy Affiliate members use banner ads to promote our services. When you login to your affiliate member zone, you will find more than 15 banner ads to choose from.

However, did you know that there is also a text link as well as the “Sell-A-Friend’ tool you can use?

Text links work as well as banner ads in generating clicks and referral signups. In fact, text links are sometimes more effective. You can integrate text links into almost anywhere on a webpage without disturbing or distracting visitors.

Furthermore, you can catch more visitors with text links. Experienced web surfers have already trained themselves to know where banners are typically placed on a web page. It’s not that difficult to automatically tune out those messages such as the leaderboard banner across the top of a page or the banner ads lined up on the sidebar of a blog. Text links that are part of the content of your website will generally do better than banners.

So, build up relevant, interesting content. Tell a story through that content that appeals to your visitors and then incorporate your affiliate text link whenever you mentioned

The “Sell-A-Friend” tool allows you to send a brief email to potential referrals to tell them about Doteasy’s web hosting services. The email will include your affiliate referral link. You can edit the email body to include your own personal message. You can send the email to up to 10 people at the same time.

There are many ways to promote and earn more with Doteasy’s Affiliate Program. We provide all the tools you need, plus the great products and services that your referrals want.

For more information, please visit the Doteasy Affiliate Program Signup Page

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Recently, we have been receiving quite a bit of inquiries about our Affiliate Program. We have an earlier post about our Affiliate Program, but maybe we should explain it a bit more in case you have any questions about it.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Affiliate section of our homepage for the Affiliate Account signup application.

2. Enter an Affiliate ID and password, security question and answer of choice.

3. Complete the application process by clicking on the "Next Step" button.

Once your application is submitted to our system, we will have your Affiliate profile created, and a confirmation email will be sent.

Your Affiliate Member Zone

Once you have received the confirmation email,

1. Go to the Affiliate Member Zone login page

2. Enter your Affiliate ID and password into this login panel

Affiliate login panel

3. In your Affiliate Member Zone, you will find the following functions:

Affiliate Member Zone

Your Affiliate Link

In order for our system to track your referral signups, your referrals must submit their web hosting application to us via your affiliate link. It is important that you setup your affiliate link correctly.

1. Click on the "Create Banner" link

2. We have over 15 banners for you to choose from. Once you have selected the one you want to us, click on the "Get Code" button underneath it.

3. Copy the whole length of the provided code

Affiliate Code

4. Paste the code to your website's promotional location, ie. where you want to display the affiliate banner.

When your visitors click on your affiliate banner

When your friends visit your website and click on your affiliate banner, they will be taken to our Doteasy homepage. Note that the URL will be tagged with your Affiliate ID.

Affiliate ID in URL


1. Can I design my own affiliate banner?

Yes, you can use your own banner design. Using the generated affiliate code, you can replace the content in the [IMG SRC]tag. Let us know if you need help with this.

2. My friend submitted an application but forgot to do so via my affiliate link. I am listed as the account’s Admin Content. Does that count?

Unfortunately, the only way our system can record and track the referral is if they arrived at our homepage with your Affiliate ID tagged onto the URL. The only way to properly do so is via your affiliate link.

For more details, you can refer to our previous post or our Affiliate info page.




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