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Coppermine Photo Gallery is a web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick with a MySQL backend. If you are new to an online photo gallery, Coppermine is a good place to start. It is easy to set-up, easy to manage and feature-rich. Features include template and user management, password-protected albums, automatic thumbnail creation, film strip, e-card feature, full multimedia support, integration with other forum and content management systems, multi-lingual, and more.

However, if you simply want a fast way to show off a handful of photos you took on your last vacation, you might find Coppermine a little over-kill. Some users also find it difficult to customize the gallery layout.

Doteasy Demo:
Official Website:

Install the script

You can follow the Doteasy installation tutorial: Doteasy Scripts Library


Coppermine comes with several pre-made themes and changing a theme is quite easy.

  1. Login to Coppermine as admin and click on the Themes Settings tab.
  2. From the Theme drop-down menu, select the theme you want to use.

You can also download themes from the SiteGround Design Team.

To add a new theme:

  1. Download the theme files.
  2. Unzip the files and then using a FTP client, upload them to the themes directory in your Coppermine.
  3. Login to Coppermine as admin and click on the Themes Settings tab.
  4. From the Theme drop-down menu, select the theme you want to use.

Integration using the Bridge Manager:

Coppermine can be integrated with other applications in terms of user management. This is called "bridging". It creates a more seamless end user experience, as your users will only have to register once and their login information will work on both Coppermine as well as the application you bridge with, ie. phpBB.

The Bridge Manager is a new feature in Coppermine version 1.4, it is not available in older versions.

You can use the Bridge Manager to integrate Coppermine with InvisionBoard, MyBB, Phorum, phpBB, Punbb, Simple Machines Forum, vBulletin and Xoops.

Demo: Integrating Coppermine with phpBB

For more information Integration instructions from Coppermine


  1. You must have the application you want to bridge Coppermine with already installed on your webserver, it has to be properly configured and must be up-and-running.
  2. Bridging does not integrate your gallery and the application you bridge in terms of visual appearance. This means, if you want a seamless visual integration, you will need to create a custom theme for your gallery that matches the look of the bridge application.

Creating a custom theme
Theme Upgrade documentation

Integrate Coppermine with Wordpress and Joomla/Mambo

There are currently no bridge files for integrating Coppermine with WordPress or with Joomla/Mambo. However, there are a few WordPress plugins that allow you to "fetch" pictures from your Coppermine, and there is a way to work around the Joomla/Mambo integration.



Workaround: Integrate Simple Machines with Joomla/Mambo and then integrate Coppermine with Simple Machines.

For more information: Tutorial from

Additional Resources:


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BoastMachine is a blog application. It is written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database.

Doteasy Demo
BoastMachine Official Website

Use it because:

  1. lightweight, simple and easy-to-use
  2. multiple blogs and user registration
  3. built-in Shoutbox
  4. built-in backup/restore
  5. you do not need subcategories, plugins or other fancy stuff

Installing the script:

  1. Download the BoastMachine script download
  2. Install the script. tutorial
    Important: Pay attention to the file permissions in steps 4 and 6!

Customizing the blog:

BoastMachine has several ready-to-go themes available for download. download

After you have downloaded the theme files,

  1. Unzip and upload the files to the templates folder in the BoastMachine directory on your FTP account
  2. Login to your BoastMachine admin area and activate the theme via Admin > Themes

Customizing the theme:

Customizations are done by tweaking the theme's CSS and PHP files, using the "Template Editor" function in the admin area.

More information on the template files:

For example, to add the built-in Shoutbox to the blog sidebar:

  1. Open the side_menu.php file
  2. Add the following lins to where you want the shoutbox to appear:
<div class="menu_item">
   <?php bmc_ShoutBox(); ?>

And if you want to change the appearance of the shoutbox, you will need to do so via the shoutbox.css file.

Language Packs

BoastMachine offers over 12 different language packs. download

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file(s), upload them to the /bmc/inc/lang folder in the BoastMachine directory on your FTP server.

Spice it up with Mods!

There are many mods to choose from, from social networking to image gallery. more info

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file(s), upload them to the BoastMachine directory on your FTP server as per the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file that comes with the mod.

Demo: Coppermine Photo Gallery mod

Before you begin, you will need to install Coppermine Photo Gallery on to your account on your account. tutorial

Then, after you have installed Coppermine:

  1. Download the BoastMachine Coppermine mod. download
  2. Open the /bmachine/mygallery/index.php file using a text editor and change the "$path_to_coppermine" and "$gallery_title".
  • Change "/gallery" to the directory where you have installed your Coppermine Photo Gallery (the actual application, not the mod files)
  • Change the title of the gallery to anything you want

Additional resources:

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author: Kathy

We all know that the Doteasy Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting plans come with PHP and MySQL capabilities, and hence, you can run different programs and applications on your account, such as blogs, content management systems, image galleries, forums, shopping carts, wikis, etc. We like to see you making the most out of it, but unfortunately, it’s often frustration rather than excitement we see.

Common fears and dilemmas:

  • Overwhelmed by the number of choices
  • Discouraged by the installation steps and scripting terms
  • Disappointed that the software is not exactly what you thought and the key features that you needed somehow “disappeared”

We have all been there and we know how important it is to have resources and assistance. That's why we've decided to put together a new mini-series: Before You Install.

Each week, we will test a different script/software/application on a Doteasy demo account. We will put together information on installation, activation and customization as well as neat tips and tricks we've found, and we will post them here on Doteasy Blog every Friday. If you have experiences you want to share, free feel to send in your comments.

At this time, we’ll only be looking at scripts and applications written in PHP as it is supported on all Doteasy Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting (Linux and Windows) plans.

So, be sure to come back tomorrow for the first Before You Install! You can also add Doteasy Blog to your RSS reader for update and alerts.



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