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Everyone should backup their websites regularly! It is quick and easy and will give you peace of mind.

But why should I back up my own site? Doesn’t Doteasy backup my website anyways?

Yes, we do backups of your website, but the backups are mainly for our benefit, for example, the server crashes completely and we need to restore all the websites from that server onto a new one. All of the files from a server backup would be jumbled together.

Basically, our requirements for keeping backups of your server are different from your requirements for keeping a backup of your website. So, it is always good to make your own backups.

There are a few ways to backup your Doteasy website:

  • FTP
  • Site Admin Panel
  • phpMyAdmin


Start your FTP client as you would to upload your files. However, with a backup, you will be transferring (or downloading) files from your server to your computer.


Site Admin Panel (Ultra/Unlimited Hosting AND websites less than 500mb)

With this option, you will be using the Export function in your Site Admin Panel to backup your website (including web files and database).

You can login to your Site Admin Panel via the login link in your Member Zone.

Site Admin Panel

1. Once you have logged into your Site Admin Panel, select the Export/Import function from the Menu.


2. On the Export tab, select the type of export and the mode of transfer desired.

*Note* The Download mode is recommended for exporting small files to your local computer. Large files may take a long time to transfer depending on the quality of your Internet connection. Use the FTP mode for a faster and more reliable transfer for larger files.

Manual Download (for websites larger than 500MB)

If your website is larger than 500MB, you can contact us to schedule a manual monthly backup for your website. This manual backup is free and once started, will run monthly.

Once you have contacted us, our scheduler will backup your entire website (including web files and database) every month. The backup file will then be uploaded to your FTP account for you to download.

MySQL Database-only (PHP/MySQL, Ultra/Unlimited Hosting)

For clients with the PHP/MySQL optional feature or are on the Ultra or Unlimited Hosting plans, if you need to backup your databases only, you can easily do so using phpMyAdmin.

1. Login to phpMyAdmin via the MySQL Administration Tool link in your Site Admin Panel.


2. Click on the Export link


3. In the Export box in the upper left corner, select all databases you wish to back up.

4. Check the box next to Save as file and click on the Go button.

5. A download window should pop up asking you where you’d like to save the file, choose a location, rename the file to something suitable and click OK.

*Note* If your database is large, it may be a good idea to save each of the databases individually. Also, saving them all in one file means you'll need to separate them if you don’t want to restore them all at the same time

Installed Applications

If you have installed Wordpress, Drupal and/or Joomla on your website, you can refer to the following sites for more information on backups:

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Author: Kathy

SPF is a measure to help stop email spoofing. SPF gives domain owners a way to say which mail sources are legitimate for their domain and which ones aren't.

Think MX records. Your domain MX records states which mailserver handles your incoming emails. This allows other mailservers to know where to send any email address to your domain.

Your domain SPF record is like a reversed MX record. It states which mail servers send emails for your domain name.

How does SPF work?

When an email is sent out, the email message has an envelope, a header, and the body (which contains the actual text of the email and any attachments).

SPF - Sample Email

There are three identities on the envelope:
1. "HELO" identity, which names the mailserver (MTA) that is sending the message
2. "MAIL FROM" identity, which is the sending email address (also the email address where error message will be sent if the mail delivery should fail).
3. "RCPT TO" identity, which is the message's recipient address.

These identities are used during the transport of the message and are generally discarded upon delivery. That is why you only see the message header and message body when you receive an email.

SPF checks the HELO and MAIL FROM identities on the envelope. It compares the sending mail server's IP address to the list of IP addresses that are authorized to send email for that domain. The list of authorized email-sending IP addresses is stored in the domain's SPF record, which is included in the domain's DNS records.

In other words, if the message comes from an unknown server, or a mailserver that is not listed in the SPF record, it can be considered as fake, and the receiving mail server will handle the "fake" according to its settings.

How does this affect me?

Say, someone is trying to send you an email and upon checking, our mailservers finds that the email comes from an unknown server, the email may be rejected. This means that the email will not be delivered into your inbox. Suspecting that there might be problems with the receiving-aspect of your email account, you send us an "I am not receiving emails" report.

Just because an email that was allegedly sent is not received, it doesn't mean that your email account is broken. We need to understand that there are many reasons why an email delivery is unsuccessful.

1. The sending mailserver was experiencing problems and could not send out the email.
2. The email did not pass our spam and virus checks.
3. The email did not pass our SPF-checks.

Yes, our Doteasy mailservers conduct SPF-checks for incoming emails.

When you report the problem to us, we will ask our email administrators to do a check to confirm if the email was rejected due to SPF-Fail. If that is the case, you will then need to notify the sender. The sender can then notify their email service provider and/or domain registrar to rectify the problem (ie. update their SPF records).

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Author: Jonathan

Have you ever received emails, or even mail, from a company that you have never even heard of saying that your domain name is going to expire? Beware, that is a tactic that some domain registrars are using to try to trick you in transferring your domain registration to them.

To avoid being mislead by those emails, it's best to be aware and know exactly who and what you're dealing with.

How can I tell which email notices are from Doteasy?

If you have registered your domain name with Doteasy, we will send you renewal reminder emails accordingly. We will actually send out 2 types of domain renewal reminders, one for the domain registrant and one for the website administrator.

You should be able to tell that the renewal reminder is from Doteasy by reading through it thoroughly. But just in case, here are some general guidelines in identifying our renewal reminders.

For domain registrants:

1. We will clearly identify ourselves as Doteasy in the body of the email and in the signature.
2. The domain renewal reminder emails will ask you for a YES or NO response (to renew or not to renew the domain name).
3. When you put your mouse pointer over the links in the email, the browser will indicate that the link goes a legitimate webpage.

For website administrators:

The contents of the email should be pretty much the same as the ones sent to domain registrants. The only difference is that you will not be given links to renew the domain name, but you will instead be told to contact the domain registrant or to renew in Member Zone.

How can I tell which email notices are NOT from Doteasy?

Emails from other registrars can sometimes be quite deceptive. Those emails may contain information regarding your domain registration making you think that the notice is from Doteasy when in fact it is not.

Don't be tricked. Domain registration information is readily available to the public from the central registry's WHOIS record. So, anyone can look at the WHOIS record and get information such as the expiry date of the domain, and the name of the registrant.

Here are some tips on how to identify which emails are not from Doteasy.

1. The email will not clearly identify the sender as Doteasy.
2. The email may provide you with domain pricing that is different than Doteasy's.
3. The email may ask you to unlock your domain name and get your domain's EPP Auth Code.

Remember, if you have registered your domain name with Doteasy, you will neither need to unlock your domain name nor require the EPP Auth Code to renew your domain registration. Those 2 things are only require when transferring your domain name to another registrar.

If you are ever in doubt, you can always contact us and we will let you know what's going on.

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Author: Bernhard

Setting up email programs like Outlook, Eudora, and OSXMail on your computer can be pretty easy as all of these email programs provide wizards that makes configuration a piece of cake. All you need are the POP, SMTP information and few clicks with the Next and Finish buttons.

There are many benefits in using mail programs, one of which is centralizing all your emails into one place and saving them on your local drive. You will be able to access your emails offline and have your own archives of email messages as back-ups.

Email clients also have more formatting options, signatures, and can also be integrated with event calendars and address books and get more plugins for added functionality. You can also enable mail filters to work with your anti-virus application that makes emailing a pleasant experience.

One of the most common problems with email programs is when it fails to send emails out. This problem usually happens if the port used by the email client to send out mails is blocked. Outgoing servers use port 25 by default. However, if this fails, there are other ports available that ISP's do use as an alternative.

If blocking issues occur, unsent emails would sit in the outbox until a connection to the SMTP server is established. To see if there is a problem, you can test for blockage by running a Telnet test in the Windows prompt.

To do a Telnet test, go to your MS-DOS/Command Prompt and type in:

telnet YourMailServerName 25

Internet service providers typically block port 25 to reduce spam relays going from their servers. If this is the case, then you will need to use your ISP’s SMTP Server instead.

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Author: Kennett

Ohhh! Dreamweaver weaves my nightmares. I bet I lost an hour of my life from stress trying to troubleshoot it (exaggerated). Any cases which appear before me with, “I am using Dreamweaver and having trouble connecting to my FTP!”, is a headache to begin with. I am not trying to bash Dreamweaver, it is a great program to create and design your website. But it is horrible in making FTP connections.

I try to troubleshoot these FTP connections and bam, an error. Sometimes the error message is something that doesn't make sense! FTP error. Okay, thank you for explaining the FTP problem here, I will now try to do random things to get make sure that “FTP error” doesn’t occur and “Connection Successful” appear. Sometimes troubleshooting Dreamweaver takes over 30 minutes with the same results, how frustrating sitting there trying to help the people with something that has low success rates.

Having trouble connecting to your FTP using Dreamweaver? Use a different program to upload your files. I have advised people to use a different program such as AceFTP for Windows, and CyberDuck for Mac users. Once I teach them where to find it and set it up, Walla! Instant connection, Instant file uploading, Instant website up! Triple Instants.

Well no, I am exaggerating but, thank you to the makers of AceFTP and Cyberduck, you certainly created a fine program. Many times I have turned to AceFTP and Cyberduck as workaround. It was just so easy.

You still want to use Dreamweaver? Don’t use Dreamweaver MX, or MX2004. Those are a headache. Spend a little bit more money on Dreamweaver 8, this will save you a weaved nightmare.




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