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VANCOUVER, BC, April 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading free web hosting provider trusted by over 160,000 domain owners, today announced the complementary "Unique IP Address" option in both the Ultra and Unlimited web hosting plans. This feature enables customers to acquire a unique IP address when hosting websites with the aforementioned two web hosting plans at no extra cost.


Unique IP addresses become extremely important when building business websites. For example, an internet user often finds a regular website address beginning with letters "http". However, once the user visits secured websites such as login pages to bank accounts, the website address will turn to "https" instead of the normal "http". The concept of "https" is to establish a secure channel between user browsers and the web servers. To achieve such goal, websites require private SSL Certificates, of which unique IP addresses are mandatory for such setting.


Another benefit of acquiring unique IP address is for its stability. In contrast to unique IP address, shared IP address is referred to one single IP address shared by multiple websites. When a Denial of Service attack (aka DoS attack) targeting a shared IP address, websites attaining the shared IP address may be affected and experiencing outage. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a unique IP address for maximizing websites' availability.


Doteasy's Ultra Hosting Plan includes 1GB web storage and 20GB data transfer for US$7.95 every month. For additional US$2 per month, customers can upgrade to Unlimited Hosting plan, which includes unlimited web storage and data transfer. Both of these plans feature free unique IP addresses, powerful PHP scripting capability, and MySQL database support. With the free Scripts Installer included in the plans, customers can easily install a wide range of open source applications such as Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, PhpBB, Mambo, Php-Nuke, Zen Cart, Magento, just to name a few.


Unlike other web hosting providers charging customers up to US$48 annually for a unique IP address, Doteasy offers this useful feature completely free. So register or transfer your personalized domain name at Doteasy today with the Ultra and Unlimited hosting plans!


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Doteasy Announces the "Multiple Domain Name Hosting Support" in All Existing Hosting Plans, Including $0 Free Web Hosting Plan

Consolidate Multiple Domain Names Hosting With Doteasy $0 Web Hosting Service

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 23, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading free web hosting provider trusted by over 160,000 domain owners, today announced the "Multiple Domain Name Hosting Support" in all hosting plans, including the award-winning $0 Basic Hosting Plan. This new feature enables customers to manage multiple domain names with only one hosting account at Doteasy, regardless of where the domain name was originally registered.


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We are proud to introduce a new feature to all our web hosting plans – multiple domain support. Yes, you can host a collection of your domains under a single plan, including the Basic Hosting plan!

This new feature reinforces our commitment to affordable hosting solutions tailored to your hosting needs and is now available to both new and existing clients.

Contact us now to activate this new feature on your hosting account!

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 As we step into our 9th year serving you, we would like to announce an exciting new change to the hosting plan that started it all – we are giving the $0 Hosting Plan a new name – Doteasy Basic Hosting.

The Doteasy Basic Hosting will continue all the great features of the $0 Hosting plan AND will continue to be FREE with any new domain registrations and domain renewals with Doteasy, as well as domains transferred to Doteasy.

This change will not affect you if:
• Your domain is registered with Doteasy (New Domain, Renewal or Transfer Registrar), or
• You have previously paid the US$35 Transfer Hosting Fee


This change will affect you if:
• You’re currently on our $0 Hosting plan and your domain is no longer registered/renewed with Doteasy, or
• You’re signing up for a new Transfer Hosting account

Previously, all non-Doteasy domain accounts are subject to a one-time US$35 Transfer Hosting Fee (or the US$35 Hosting Continuation Fee for all transferred-away hosting accounts). Now, with the Doteasy Basic Hosting plan, you can enjoy the same hosting services at a low fee of US$1.95/month (12-month billing term). No more Transfer Hosting Fee! All you pay is just the hosting plan fees!

Is there a way to waive the Basic Hosting fee?

Yes! All domains registered and/or renewed with Doteasy will receive the Basic Hosting services free of charge.

For new Transfer Hosting accounts, you can waive the US$1.95/month fee if you successfully transfer your domain to Doteasy (Transfer Registrar) within 30-days of your hosting application.
And for transferred-away hosting clients, all you need to do is renew your domain with Doteasy and your basic hosting services will be free again!

For more information on the free Basic Hosting plan, please visit

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author: Kathy

Tis the season of gift giving and nothing says "I have no clue what to get you" better than another pack of tube socks (unless, of course, they've specifically asked for socks). So, this Christmas, why not give them something that's more special and cost less than a pack of socks. We have the perfect solution for you!

From now until December 31, 2008, save 80% on all new 1-year .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info or .us domain names – only US$4.95/1st year! That’s less than the cost of a pack of socks! This offer applies to all new registrations and gift domains.

Doteasy Gift Domains - How it works? 4 Easy Steps:

1. Choose a domain name for them. Get them a domain name that they will enjoy and appreciate and do keep in mind all the possibilities. Be creative.

2. Pick gift card, set delivery date and include a personal message. We have 12 different gift card designs to choose from and then personalize it with your own message. You can also set the delivery date to ASAP (which will be delivered as soon as the account is activated) or any date within a 2-month period.

3. Choose a hosting plan. Are they newbies? Or would they need advanced hosting features and support?

If your gift recipients are new to websites and web hosting, then the $0 Hosting plan would be sufficient as it comes with free Website Creator, blog, photo gallery, forum, online forms, guestbook and more.

However, if your gift recipient has website experience and you know they would appreciate scripting and database capabilities and other advanced features, then consider the Unlimited Hosting plan. With this plan, they can setup their own social networking or ecommerce shopping site.

4. Let us take care of the gift delivery. We will have your gift card posted on the gift domain on the specified delivery date. An email notification with a direct link to the gift domain will also be sent to the gift recipient. We will provide your gift recipient with all the instructions they need to get started on the gift you got them.

So, as long as your gift recipient has access to a computer and the Internet, they will be able to go to their gift web address and see what a thoughtful gift awaits them.  They don’t need to know you got it on sale.

Happy Shopping!



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