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VANCOUVER, BC, April 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading free web hosting provider trusted by over 160,000 domain owners, today announced the complementary "Unique IP Address" option in both the Ultra and Unlimited web hosting plans. This feature enables customers to acquire a unique IP address when hosting websites with the aforementioned two web hosting plans at no extra cost.


Unique IP addresses become extremely important when building business websites. For example, an internet user often finds a regular website address beginning with letters "http". However, once the user visits secured websites such as login pages to bank accounts, the website address will turn to "https" instead of the normal "http". The concept of "https" is to establish a secure channel between user browsers and the web servers. To achieve such goal, websites require private SSL Certificates, of which unique IP addresses are mandatory for such setting.


Another benefit of acquiring unique IP address is for its stability. In contrast to unique IP address, shared IP address is referred to one single IP address shared by multiple websites. When a Denial of Service attack (aka DoS attack) targeting a shared IP address, websites attaining the shared IP address may be affected and experiencing outage. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a unique IP address for maximizing websites' availability.


Doteasy's Ultra Hosting Plan includes 1GB web storage and 20GB data transfer for US$7.95 every month. For additional US$2 per month, customers can upgrade to Unlimited Hosting plan, which includes unlimited web storage and data transfer. Both of these plans feature free unique IP addresses, powerful PHP scripting capability, and MySQL database support. With the free Scripts Installer included in the plans, customers can easily install a wide range of open source applications such as Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, PhpBB, Mambo, Php-Nuke, Zen Cart, Magento, just to name a few.


Unlike other web hosting providers charging customers up to US$48 annually for a unique IP address, Doteasy offers this useful feature completely free. So register or transfer your personalized domain name at Doteasy today with the Ultra and Unlimited hosting plans!


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author: Jennifer

Everyone is busy with one thing or another these days. But keeping up with friends is important to us, which is why we are here to announce the launch of our new Facebook page! Come show your support for Doteasy and join us on Facebook! We want to keep you updated on company news and establish a community where the world of web hosting and designing can thrive. We also want to let you gain a stronger connection and a better understanding of who we are as a company. More importantly, this Facebook page would also allow us to get to know you a little better as our loyal clients.  Feedbacks to our company are always welcomed and this is the perfect vehicle for you to communicate your needs and concerns with us, so that we can build an even better service to suit your needs.

There are plenty of benefits that come with becoming a member on our page. By logging in, you will be able to meet and interact with other website designers and find inspiration as you share and learn great new techniques from one another. We will be posting special promotions and event details and you will be the first to know. There will also be informative blogs that will let you in on industry news and secrets. Photos and videos of up-and-coming products will be featured, so you can take a look and let us know what you think of it!

Come join the Doteasy Facebook community and together we can help make our services even better for you.

Just a reminder, the Doteasy Facebook profile page is not a channel to submit your account services or technical issues or inquiries. If you need to contact us regarding an issue with your account or account services, the Contact Us form on our website is still the way to go.

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author: Kathy

Happy New Year

Before we begin the new fun-packed year, let’s review what we did in 2007:

1. Revamping of and Member Zone

A fresh new look, better organization of information, with new features and menus, all to increase user-friendliness and efficiency.

2. Doteasy Phone Support

Phone support was added as part of our “to serve you” mission.” Need to talk to us about your account or hosting services, give us a call at 604.434.4307.

3. Office and Data Center Expansion

To accommodate the new additions to our Doteasy family (both staff and servers), we have expanded our office and data center. Basically, we kicked most of our staff to the new “upstairs” office, and turned the “downstairs” space into an expansion of our state-of-the-art data center, with new and improved security, cooling and power systems.

4. Doteasy Hosted Forum

Our first Doteasy Hosted Application. The idea of the Doteasy Hosted Forum was to give everyone a chance to taste a forum application without needing to deal with scripts or database.

5. Doteasy Hosted Blog

The Doteasy Hosted Blog was similar to that of the forum, to allow all Doteasy Members to add a blog to their website in one-click; no scripting, no database. It is so easy to use we’ve made it the platform of this blog.

6. Doteasy Blog

We were looking for new channels to communicate with our clients, and we thought a blog would best serve this purpose. The first entry was posted, and since we have had a few different contributors writing on a range of topics, and over 27,500 hits.

7. Doteasy Knowledge Base

We like to call the Doteasy Knowledge Base our "information hub." If you have any questions about your hosting services, that’s a good place to check out, too.

8. Doteasy SmartMail

A webmail system that is better than the old Doteasy Webmail! We understand that it took a few a bit more time to get used to the new look and new features of this Doteasy SmartMail, but we are glad to know that it was well-received by the majority. It made all those long nights of setting up hardware and software, and system migration worthwhile.

9. New Mailservers and Data Center Upgrade

With the introduction of the Doteasy SmartMail, we also added a whole new freight of mailservers. Yes, adding new servers to a data center is no easy task.

10. Doteasy Commerce

Although eCommerce is not rocket science, it can get quite tricky and frustrating, especially the initial setup process. All you wanted was a shopping cart system that is easy to use, something practical and user-friendly. So, we gave you the Doteasy Commerce.

Yes, 2007 was indeed a busy year. But wait till you see what we have planned for 2008. It only gets better, more exciting and more Dot”Easy”.

Happy 2008!

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author: Kathy

Internet-in-a-box, Band-in-a-box, Arcade-in-a-box, Tree-in-a-box… it seems that nowadays if you want to sell something, it better be “in-a-box”.

We recently ordered a new HVAC unit for our data center. For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s basically a “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning” unit.

The unit was delivered (in a box) and was professionally installed. Everything was working very well and we were very pleased with the purchase.

Then one day, we noticed a small glare of light coming out from the unit. Curious, we decided to open up the front panel, and there we saw Steve, the technician, welding.


Mucho kudos to the company who sold us the unit. Think about it, take an average-sized technician, then take the area of the entrance/opening of the HVAC unit.


How did Steve get in?

Tech-in-a-box, literally. Steve has successfully demonstrated to us tech support at its best - being there, whenever and wherever needed. Steve’s now our “inspiration-of-the-month”, and we will most definitely be ordering more HVAC units and other equipment from this company.

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Author: Kevin

What goes on behind the scenes at Doteasy? Well, we've been busy with the preparation work for the SmartMail upgrades.

There's actually a lot that needs to be done for the SmartMail upgrades on both the hardware and on the software. Our technicians need to do countless hours of preparation work before an upgrade can take place.

First, hardware needs to be tested to see which type would perform the best with the SmartMail software. This testing phase was not a easy stroll in the park. It actually takes a lot of time to test every aspect of the hardware with the software to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Adding new servers to a data center is no easy task. A lot of preparation work needs to be done before we can hook all the new servers up. We need to figure out where we can place the new servers, and also upgrade our cooling system and our electrical circuits to accomodate the new servers. Just to give you an idea on how big this project is, we have already spent several hundred thousands dollars on hardware and data center upgrades alone!

Doteasy SmartMail Servers

Secondly, in addition to testing the performance of the hardware, we also need to test the performance of the software. Before we can release the SmartMail system, we had to make sure there are no bugs or any other “surprises”. Documentation also had to be prepared so that you guys can learn more about the new SmartMail system and get the most out of it. All this work needs to be done before any upgrades can take place. As you can see, these past few weeks have been quite hectic. Hopefully, our efforts will not go to waste and everyone will be able to enjoy the new SmartMail system.



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