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author: Kathy

DropUpLoad is a tiny, easy-to-use file upload application. Unlike other FTP clients,

  1. You can install and run DropUpLoad from a USB flash device. The application is only 300kb.
  2. You can create a “locked” version that limits connections to a particular server and encrypts all login information.

In other words, if you need to upload files whenever and wherever, or if you need to give another person access to your FTP but do not want to give out your Doteasy Member ID and password, you should give DropUpLoad a try.

FTP from a USB Flash Device

  1. Download DropUpLoad.

  2. Copy the entire DropUpLoad folder onto the flash device and start DropUpLoad from the flash device.

  3. Click on the New button to add a new server profile.

  4. Enter the following on the Server settings window:


    • Server name:
    • Server Address:
      • $0 Hosting =
      • Ultra/Unlimited Hosting =
    • Login: your Member ID
    • Password: your Doteasy account password

    *NOTE* If you need to upload files to a particular folder on your server, you will need to include the directory name in the server address field. For example,

    • $0 Hosting –
    • Ultra/Unlimited Hosting –

  5. When you are ready, click on the OK button.

  6. Next, just drag and drop your files in the Drop here the files to upload box.


And that’s all you need to do, there is no further buttons to click to upload your files to the server.

Locked FTP

  1. Click on the ? button.


  2. Click on the Generate a locked version of DropUpLoad button.



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Author: Kennett

Ohhh! Dreamweaver weaves my nightmares. I bet I lost an hour of my life from stress trying to troubleshoot it (exaggerated). Any cases which appear before me with, “I am using Dreamweaver and having trouble connecting to my FTP!”, is a headache to begin with. I am not trying to bash Dreamweaver, it is a great program to create and design your website. But it is horrible in making FTP connections.

I try to troubleshoot these FTP connections and bam, an error. Sometimes the error message is something that doesn't make sense! FTP error. Okay, thank you for explaining the FTP problem here, I will now try to do random things to get make sure that “FTP error” doesn’t occur and “Connection Successful” appear. Sometimes troubleshooting Dreamweaver takes over 30 minutes with the same results, how frustrating sitting there trying to help the people with something that has low success rates.

Having trouble connecting to your FTP using Dreamweaver? Use a different program to upload your files. I have advised people to use a different program such as AceFTP for Windows, and CyberDuck for Mac users. Once I teach them where to find it and set it up, Walla! Instant connection, Instant file uploading, Instant website up! Triple Instants.

Well no, I am exaggerating but, thank you to the makers of AceFTP and Cyberduck, you certainly created a fine program. Many times I have turned to AceFTP and Cyberduck as workaround. It was just so easy.

You still want to use Dreamweaver? Don’t use Dreamweaver MX, or MX2004. Those are a headache. Spend a little bit more money on Dreamweaver 8, this will save you a weaved nightmare.




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