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Web browser not working properly anymore? Pop-up windows and ads popping up from nowhere? Your computer could be infected.

Safe web surfing on the Internet continues to get harder every day. Although you can't eliminate all of the risks, there are ways you can reduce potential dangers.

Anything you download from the Internet could be a threat but a few software programs are known for including spyware and adware. With these safe web surfing tips and common sense you can avoid a lot of common problems, ie. the problems mentioned above.

Any file-sharing program is a big problem because the files come from several computers. The first safe web surfing tip is stay away from file-sharing programs all together because this is a major source of computer problems today.

Another good safe web surfing tip is to be cautious about products that claim to be free. Sometimes the publisher generates revenue from pop up ads which will mysteriously appear while you browse the Internet. Adult and gambling sites are also known to use pop up, spyware and adware programs.

It's almost not enough nowadays just to run anti-virus programs. Spyware and Adware are now ahead of viruses as the number one annoyance with computer users today. So you need to arm yourself with spyware and "mal-ware" protection software as well.

In addition to the constant Virus/mal-ware/Spy-ware threat you need to consider your operating system. The newest Windows Operating system "Windows Vista", will now ask you if you have installed a Virus program, setup a firewall and installed any Spyware protection products, in an effort to help users stay safe and through the use of "automatic updates" automatically help secure your computer for any uncovered weaknesses within the operating system. Anyone using older operating systems are going to be increasingly at risk when they no longer are supported or protected with new security patches.

For those who wish to read more, Microsoft has posted detailed instructions on how to tell if your computer has been hit and what to do about it.

You may also want to check out what the FBI recommends on how to protect your computer.




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