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Sub-domains are also called “third-level” domains. While some subdomains are used to identify computers, or used for load balancing, most of us use subdomains for organizing information on a website.

Examples of sub-domain: and

Subdomains vs. User Sub-Domains

With your Doteasy Ultra/Unlimited hosting account, you can create two types of subdomains: regular subdomains and user subdomains.

  • Regular subdomains – Regular subdomains are created using the “Add Subdomain” function in your Site Admin Panel.

  • User subdomains – User subdomains are created using the “Add User” function in your Site Admin Panel.

When would you need user subdomains? When you intend on letting someone else manage that particular subdomain, ie. user-managed accounts.

For example, you are setting up a website for your class, group or company and you want to give each user their own space where they can upload their site content and setup their own webpage. The user subdomain will allow you to give them their own FTP disk space, login username and password.

This is their FTP settings:

    FTP host =
    Username = the username assigned by you
    Password = the password provided by you

    The root web directory will be /home/photos/public_html

To create a user sub-domain

You need to be on the Doteasy Ultra Hosting or Unlimited Hosting plans to be able to create subdomains.

  1. Login to your Site Admin Panel. You will find the Site Admin Panel link in your Member Zone, under the Hosting section.
  2. Once you’re logged into your Site Admin Panel, click on the Shortcuts link in the menu bar underneath Home.
  3. Under Users, select on Add User.
  4. Enter in the username, full name, and password.
  5. You can also assign a disk quota, and FTP and CGI privileges.
  6. Check the "Create a user subdomain" option.
  7. When you are ready, click on the Add button.

* Note: If you do not check the "Create a user subdomain" option, instead of a user subdomain, you will be creating a user FTP account.




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