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author: Kathy

If my guess is right, a few of you are here because you are in the midst of shopping for the 'right' web host, or the "perfect" hosting plan. This is why I've decided to write this entry. I've included the recommended Doteasy web hosting plans, hopefully it'll be of useful.

Years of working in this industry have taught me that choosing the right host is not just about picking the one that gives you the most features for less. Rather, it is about finding the one that meets your needs (both web hosting and budget) and at the same time, matches your goals. Not only should your host accommodate your needs as your website grows, but also offers you a partnership that empowers you to grow your website.

So, before you start shopping around, understand your current needs and what you wish to achieve with your website.

Small or Personal Website:

Outgrown the capabilities of free services like Facebook or MySpace? Building a website for a special event, ie. a family camping trip, or a specific need, ie. a hobby?

Generally, your needs are simple, and you will find plenty of providers that can meet them. Considering most basic hosting packages offers fundamentally the same features, it’s not a bad idea to go for the best deal you can find. However, you may want to consider choosing one of the bigger, more reliable and flexible providers, just in case you should need upgrades later down the road. As well, you do not want to be going through this whole 'shopping' process again in a year's time.

Doteasy Offers: $0 Hosting Plan, comes with free hosted applications (Website Creator, Blog, Forum, Web Tools).

Small Business Hosting:

You are putting up a website for a small business. Additional email accounts, website building tools, and/or basic scripting and database capabilities might be things you need.

In this case, you may want to choose a provider that specializes in servicing customers in your line of business. Rule of thumb, if your biggest competitors and/or well-known webmasters are using them, maybe you should check them out, too.

Doteasy Offers: Ultra Hosting, available in both Linux- or Windows-environment.

Advanced Hosting Solutions:

You are operating an application that is more complex than a simple website. You are looking for specific scripting and/or database capabilities. Choose a provider who has the technology and expertise to back you up. Don't be afraid to ask them questions or test their knowledge. It's only understandable that no one would trust their mission-critical applications in the hands of incompetent administrators or technical support. If it's something that is important to you, make it known. No question is too silly to ask.

Doteasy Offers: Unlimited Hosting, available in both Linux- or Windows-environment.

Dedicated Hosting:

This refers to those who need larger-scale bandwidth or disk space. Most likely, your website has already grown to the point where it needs its own server hardware. You should begin your search by asking your current web host for referrals or recommendations. In this industry where words travel fast, I am sure your web host can share with you their 'personal favorites,' or at least tell you which ones you should stay away from.

Doteasy Recommends: In2net Network for Dedicated Hosting and Server Colocation.

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author: Kathy

Hosting renewal reminders are sent mid-month, but not everyone will receive one:

a) Your hosting service is not due for a renewal. You can check on your hosting service expiry date under "Account Profile" in your Member Zone.

b) You are on our $0 Hosting plan. Your $0 Hosting service is already covered by your domain renewal, or the one-time US$35 Transfer Hosting Fee. Because no extra payment is required, your $0 Hosting service will be auto-extended and a renewal reminder will not be sent.

c) The email address on your account profile is outdated. We send the renewal reminders to the Admin contact and webmail admin account ( You can update your contact email address in your Member Zone, under "Member".

Important things on your renewal reminder:

1. Renewal Prices

If your hosting features are on different billing cycles, the renewal system will take the shortest billing cycle and apply it to all your hosting features.

For example:

Unlimited Hosting - US$119.40/12 Month(s)
Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection - US$41.70/6 Month(s)

The Unlimited Hosting service term will be adjusted and you will only be billed for 6 months of the service, not the quoted 12 months. You will see the actual processed amount on the renewal invoice, which will be accessible under "Billing" in Member Zone on renewal day.

Why do we adjust the billing cycles? Easier renewal management. This way, you won't need to remember separate renewal schedules for each of your hosting features.

2. Renewal Links

On the renewal reminder is a Yes-Renewal and a No-Renewal link. When you click on the links, your request is stored at our automated renewal system and will not be processed until your current service term has ended.

So, no need to panic if you have click on the wrong renewal link. You have until the reply deadline to correct it by clicking on the desired renewal link. The automated renewal system will processed the last-requested renewal action stored.

3. Downgrade and Republish

If you submit a No-Renewal request, we will remove your pay-hosting features upon service expiry, and re-setup your account on the $0 Hosting plan – account downgrade. Your account will be migrated from your current server to one of our $0 Hosting servers, and upon completion, you will need to republish your web files. You may also need to restructure your website as the $0 Hosting plan does not offer scripting and database capabilities.

The removal of these features will require republishing:

  • FrontPage Extensions
  • CGI/Perl/SSI
  • Ultra Hosting
  • Ultra Hosting (Windows)
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Unlimited Hosting (Windows)

Email services will also be affected - the $0 Hosting plan has different email account and storage quotas. You can refer to our plan comparison chart for more information on the plan differences.

4. Default Auto-Renewal

We will auto-renew your hosting services if you did not clicked on any links. This is to prevent disruption to your web services, in case you were on a vacation and missed the reply deadline.

Why not just cancel the service and let you re-order it later?

If we simply canceled your services, your account will be downgraded to the $0 Hosting plan. Upon server migration to the $0 Hosting server, all your web files on the old server will be wiped to recycle server space.

We do not want you to come back from a fabulous vacation only to see your website and email down. An auto-renewal will allow your website and email to continue proper functionality. If you weren't planning on renewing, we can always assist you with a cancellation afterwards.


For more information, you can check out our Knowledge Base.

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author: Michael

Web browser not working properly anymore? Pop-up windows and ads popping up from nowhere? Your computer could be infected.

Safe web surfing on the Internet continues to get harder every day. Although you can't eliminate all of the risks, there are ways you can reduce potential dangers.

Anything you download from the Internet could be a threat but a few software programs are known for including spyware and adware. With these safe web surfing tips and common sense you can avoid a lot of common problems, ie. the problems mentioned above.

Any file-sharing program is a big problem because the files come from several computers. The first safe web surfing tip is stay away from file-sharing programs all together because this is a major source of computer problems today.

Another good safe web surfing tip is to be cautious about products that claim to be free. Sometimes the publisher generates revenue from pop up ads which will mysteriously appear while you browse the Internet. Adult and gambling sites are also known to use pop up, spyware and adware programs.

It's almost not enough nowadays just to run anti-virus programs. Spyware and Adware are now ahead of viruses as the number one annoyance with computer users today. So you need to arm yourself with spyware and "mal-ware" protection software as well.

In addition to the constant Virus/mal-ware/Spy-ware threat you need to consider your operating system. The newest Windows Operating system "Windows Vista", will now ask you if you have installed a Virus program, setup a firewall and installed any Spyware protection products, in an effort to help users stay safe and through the use of "automatic updates" automatically help secure your computer for any uncovered weaknesses within the operating system. Anyone using older operating systems are going to be increasingly at risk when they no longer are supported or protected with new security patches.

For those who wish to read more, Microsoft has posted detailed instructions on how to tell if your computer has been hit and what to do about it.

You may also want to check out what the FBI recommends on how to protect your computer.

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author: Kathy

The holidays are over and everyone is back to school or work. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. One of the best things about the holidays is the time we get to spend with our families, sharing memories and taking photos.

Have you thought about showcasing your holiday photos on your website? You could start a family website and setup an online family photo album. Think of a family-yearbook project.

There are many photo album scripts and photo-sharing websites on the Internet. Majority of the scripts require your hosting plan to have PHP/MySQL capabilities. Photo-sharing websites are easy-to-use, but most of the time, your online album will be clustered with ads and you only get a sub-domain URL tagged with your Membership ID and/or other variables that can get quite tricky to remember.

Did you know that it is easy to setup an impressive photo album on your own Doteasy-hosted website without needing to purchase scripting or database support?

Check out these two different photo albums you can setup on your $0 Hosting account:



Once you have installed the SimpleViewer or the PostcardViewer on your account, your next step will be to populate it with your own photos. This can be done automatically using a program such as Photoshop, Picasa, and iPhoto, or manually using a text editor and imaging editing software of your choice.

For more instructions:

If you want to create multiple albums on your account, here is one way you can try:

  1. Login to your FTP account and create a photos directory.
  2. Within the photos directory, create a folder for each album you wish to setup.

    Photos FTP
  3. Upload the SimpleViewer or PostcardViewer files into each of the folders.
  4. Continue populating the albums with your own photos.

And there you go, your own photo albums on your own domain, no scripting or database required.

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author: Kathy

Happy New Year

Before we begin the new fun-packed year, let’s review what we did in 2007:

1. Revamping of and Member Zone

A fresh new look, better organization of information, with new features and menus, all to increase user-friendliness and efficiency.

2. Doteasy Phone Support

Phone support was added as part of our “to serve you” mission.” Need to talk to us about your account or hosting services, give us a call at 604.434.4307.

3. Office and Data Center Expansion

To accommodate the new additions to our Doteasy family (both staff and servers), we have expanded our office and data center. Basically, we kicked most of our staff to the new “upstairs” office, and turned the “downstairs” space into an expansion of our state-of-the-art data center, with new and improved security, cooling and power systems.

4. Doteasy Hosted Forum

Our first Doteasy Hosted Application. The idea of the Doteasy Hosted Forum was to give everyone a chance to taste a forum application without needing to deal with scripts or database.

5. Doteasy Hosted Blog

The Doteasy Hosted Blog was similar to that of the forum, to allow all Doteasy Members to add a blog to their website in one-click; no scripting, no database. It is so easy to use we’ve made it the platform of this blog.

6. Doteasy Blog

We were looking for new channels to communicate with our clients, and we thought a blog would best serve this purpose. The first entry was posted, and since we have had a few different contributors writing on a range of topics, and over 27,500 hits.

7. Doteasy Knowledge Base

We like to call the Doteasy Knowledge Base our "information hub." If you have any questions about your hosting services, that’s a good place to check out, too.

8. Doteasy SmartMail

A webmail system that is better than the old Doteasy Webmail! We understand that it took a few a bit more time to get used to the new look and new features of this Doteasy SmartMail, but we are glad to know that it was well-received by the majority. It made all those long nights of setting up hardware and software, and system migration worthwhile.

9. New Mailservers and Data Center Upgrade

With the introduction of the Doteasy SmartMail, we also added a whole new freight of mailservers. Yes, adding new servers to a data center is no easy task.

10. Doteasy Commerce

Although eCommerce is not rocket science, it can get quite tricky and frustrating, especially the initial setup process. All you wanted was a shopping cart system that is easy to use, something practical and user-friendly. So, we gave you the Doteasy Commerce.

Yes, 2007 was indeed a busy year. But wait till you see what we have planned for 2008. It only gets better, more exciting and more Dot”Easy”.

Happy 2008!




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