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author: Kathy

Looking for easy-to-use tools for your web design project? Check out these sites:

  • BrowserShots - You can test your website in different browsers. It generates screenshots of how websites appear at 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution in six commonly used web browsers.
  • RoundedCornr - This online tool generates HTML/CSS code and images to decorate your Web site with rounded corners and gradient.
  • ColorSchemer - This is an online color scheme generator; it helps you generate matching color schemes.
  • Color Mixers Another easy-to-use color mixer.
  • ColorBlender - An online color matching toolbox for color palette design and matching.
  • Vecteezy - An index of Free Vector Graphics available for download.
  • BlogFlux Button Maker - This tool allows you to make 80×15 and 88×13 buttons without a graphics editor.
  • Button Browser - Button gallery and button maker
  • Background Image Maker
  • Iconfinder - An icon search engine, over 30,000 icons in PNG-format.
  • IconBuffet - Collection of free icons.
  • The Icon Factory - Offers free icons and royalty-free stock icons.
  • Web 2.0 Badges
  • TypeTester - It allows you to try out different web fonts to see how they’ll look side-by-side.

And if you're ever stuck in a designer's block, check out these sites for inspiration:

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Joomla! is a free web content management application. Some people find Joomla! difficult to learn and many have given up to try something else. But the truth is, Joomla is not that difficult once the concepts are grasped.

The easiest way to learn Joomla! is to go through the admin area, item by item, and play with it until you start seeing how everything relates and how to get things set up.

Install Joomla: Doteasy installation tutorial

1. Design your website - Content

To save headaches later on, I strongly recommended spending some time planning the content you want to display and what you want to achieve with your website before you get your hands dirty with Joomla. Do you want a blog? Photo gallery? Forum? Shopping Cart?

2. Joomla! Extensions

Extensions are elements (or applications) that will help you display your content on your website.

There are thousands of extensions available for Joomla!, from blog to gallery, shopping carts, forums and more. Extensions come in three different types: components, modules and plugins (or mambots).

Components are core elements that make up the functionality of your website. Components are linked using menu(s) and are displayed in the main body of your website. Examples include blog, gallery, etc.

Modules are small display items with content that can be displayed anywhere your template permits. Examples include Main Menu, Hit Counter, Polls, etc.

Plugins/Mambots are small, task-oriented functions that add extra functionality to a component. For example, you can use an image viewer plugin to display pictures within your blog entry on Joomla.

Browse the Joomla! Extensions Directory

Use the Joomla installer to install extensions. You do not have to unzip the files prior to uploading, the Joomla installer will take care of all that for you.

3. Joomla! Themes

The standard Joomla installation comes with a couple default themes. If you want something different, you can check out these Joomla theme sites:

4. Find your Module Positions

Now that you have decided on a theme and you have uploaded all the extensions you need, your next step is to place the modules on the website. To do so, you will need to know where each module position is.

There are two ways to find the module positions:

a) One is using the code index.php?tp=1 right after your Joomla URL. If you have installed Joomla in the root directory:

b) The second way is to use the “Site -> Preview -> Inline with Positions” function in the admin area.


This will give you a screen with all the module positions laid out with the module numbers and names.

Once you have the positions figured out, you can start placing the modules on the positions you want them to be, moving them around until they fit your needs.

More information

General/Beginners Guide
Quick Start: Joomla! v.1.0
Quick Start: Joomla! v 1.5

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author: Kathy

On previous Earth Days, stories and statistics about pollution, global warming and environmental destruction dominated the media spotlight. But this year, we saw a noticable shift - there was less identifying and defining the problems, and more helping people discover solutions.

In keeping with the new theme of helping you discover solutions, Doteasy wants helping you use less paper in the office and at home:

  1. Send mail electronically using Doteasy SmartMail
  2. Use the  Doteasy Hosted Blog to start your own company or family blog and save on printing and mailing newsletters
  3. Take your business online. Use the Doteasy Commerce System to create your own online storefront, product catalog, checkout counter and billing/invoice system
  4. Share your photographic masterpieces with friends and family all over the globe with an online photo gallery
  5. Use a content management system to organize, collaborate and communicate anything from a tiny memo to large documents, files, contacts, events and more

These are just a few examples. There is so much more you can do with your Doteasy web hosting account.

And to get things started, we give you the Doteasy Earth Day Special.

Doteasy Earth Day Promo
(Click on the banner to get your new US$8.95 domain today! Hurry, offer ends April 27!)

All new domain registrations come with a FREE $0 Hosting account, with free Doteasy Web Tools (including guestbook, email form and hit counter), Doteasy Hosted Applications (blog and forum), and personalized email accounts.

So, it's time break out of the mould and do things the "paperless" way. Let Doteasy help you achieve your paperless goals.

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author: Kathy

A lot of people have asked where they can get good-quality images for their website, so we thought it would be nice to post some of our favorite stock photo websites here.



Feel free to share your favorite stock photo websites here with us.

When using stock images, always remember:

  1. You can pretty much use a stock image in any way you want, but make sure you have read all restrictions beforehand. Never resell or distribute stock images.
  2. You can use the stock image as a whole, or you can crop it, use only certain elements of it, or almost anything except as an integral part of a website or business logo.
  3. Don’t use stock images on websites depicting pornographic, immoral, illegal or defamatory content.

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author: Kathy

We all know that choosing the right domain name is as important as naming your company and products. Most people will agree that a .com is best. But chances are, the .com is already taken. While .net and .biz are popular alternatives, country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are an excellent choice if you need to market your business to a certain geographic region, for example .ca* for Canada and* for the UK.

You can even use a ccTLD for other purposes outside their home countries because of their names. For example, .la is the ccTLD for Laos but many businesses and organizations are now using it to create their own Los Angeles identity. More information on a .LA domain name -

Other similar ccTLDs:

  • .ad - country: Andorra; other uses: advertising agencies
  • .am - country: Armenia; other uses: AM radio stations
  • .dj - country: Djibouti; other uses: disc jockeys
  • .fm - country: Federated States of Micronesia; other uses: FM radio stations
  • .im - country: Isle of Man; other uses: instant messaging programs and services
  • .in - country: India; other uses: internet industry
  • .it - country: Italy; other uses: domain hacks (ie.
  • .md - country: Moldova; other uses: medical industry
  • .mu - country: Mauritius; other uses: music industry
  • .tv* - country: Tuvalu; other uses: tv/entertainment industry
  • .ws - country: Samoa; other uses: website
  • .us* - country: USA; other uses: groups, organizations, couples, etc.

* Doteasy offers domain registration services for these ccTLDs.

Registering a ccTLD doesn’t mean you need to host the domain and website with a service provider in that home country. As long as you have access to your domain records to make DNS changes, you can host your ccTLD with Doteasy!

So, don’t rule out ccTLDs if you are need alternatives for “”.

For more information on ccTLDs:



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