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WordPress is one of the more popular blog platforms out there and one thing I love about WordPress is the many widgets available: Akismet, Flickr, etc.

However, WordPress requires PHP and MySQL capability, which are not supported on the $0 Hosting account. But if you want to use WordPress and you do not want to upgrade your Doteasy hosting account, there are a few ways of doing so.

One way is to map your domain to your blog. Note that this option requires you to purchase credits from WordPress and you have to change your domain DNS to and

Another way (a free and hassle-free way) is to use the free domain forwarding function on your Doteasy web hosting account to redirect your URL to your blog.


1. Signup for a free blog at Your blog address will be

2. After you have setup your blog, login to your Doteasy Member Zone and click on the Setup Domain Forward function under the “Domain” section.

Setup Domain Forwarding

3. On the “Domain Forwarding” page,

Domain Forwarding

  a) Domain Forwarding: Select Enable

  b) Destination URL: enter the URL of your blog (ie.

  c) Mask Option: this option allows you to display either your domain URL (ie. or the destination URL (ie.

  d) Website Title: enter the title of your website.

4. When you are ready, click on the Save Change button.

After you have setup domain forwarding, your visitors going to will be redirected to


  1. You get to enjoy the powerful features of WordPress
  2. You don’t have to upgrade your Doteasy hosting account or purchase any credits
  3. You don’t need to install the script or configure any database. Everything is done for you by
  4. The Domain Forwarding function is free and you can disable the setting or modify it in your Doteasy Member Zone

20 Comment(s):
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Barbara said...
I used the iframe tag to embed the doteasy blog into my blog.html page. It worked great. I liked the way it looked too; it matched the rest of my site. Its a rather simple code to use. Check out for a short tutorial.
February 16, 2010 09:06:13
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TheKat said...
Nice ... but ... in both cases you redirect your whole domain to wordpress. Is that wat you really want? Isn't it nicer to only redirect something like or (the latter when you don't have access to the Site Admin Panel/cPanel)? Very easy to do. But complicated to show here as this blog prohibits the use of html tags. Workaround: goto This zip contains the text file wordpressondoteasy.txt with some very basic html code that gives you 2 options: If you don't care about the change of the URL in the address bar place an index page in your subdomain or in the /myblog/subdirectory that redirects to your wordpress blog. If you do want to keep your domain name visible use an index page with an in-line frame that shows your wordpress blog page. That's it. Redirected at no cost and you can keep using your domain in full. Have fun and ... be nice to the cats.
January 24, 2010 05:27:37
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